Gary's Rods and Restorations Wins Pomona 2020 Best Paint - AMBR class, with Mike Dwight's 32 Roadster

Submitted by GarysRods on Sat, 02/01/2020 - 23:02

"Mike Dwight came south from Gilroy, California (Dwight is a member of the Bay Area Roadsters), to participate in the GNRS and the AMBR competition with his 1932 Ford highboy roadster, but look closely. Technically, a "highboy" sits on top of the frame (and typically sans fenders or running boards). If the body passes over the sides of the framerails, then it's considered channeled. Dwight's Deuce (based on a Brookville Roadster body) is channeled 4 inches at the cowl to enhance the appearance of a more pronounced rake to the stance. The roadster is painted in a PPG base black by Gary's Rods & Restorations. The monotone presentation is continued with the black Bob Top by longtime friend Sid Chavers of the Sid Chavers Company and accented with the warm brown interior also by Chavers. The dashboard is tilted slightly forward (again, adding to the roadsters rakish appearance) and filled with the traditional six-pack of gauges from Classic Instruments. There are a handful of one-off parts, such as the steering wheel, on this car and they were crafted by Mel Green. More on the exterior which includes Indian Scout motorcycle headlights (modified and equipped with turn signals) while a pair of 1939 Lincoln Zephyr taillights are in service. Powering this highboy is a Ford Performance small-block crate engine pumped up to 347 inches and 385 hp backed up to a TREMEC 5-speed that feeds the power rearward to the Winters quick-change outfitted with Wilwood disc brakes at all four corners. This wicked looking roadster rides on a set of McLean wire wheels measuring 17s in back and 15s in front wrapped with Michelin rubber in front and Komo in back and all feature buffed sidewalls removing all of the identification markings."
- Hot Rod / Motortrend

POMONA 2020 AWARD: Best Paint - AMBR class