The Latest News & Projects

Gary George, who runs Gary's Rods & Restorations in Northern California, has a long history of building outstanding vehicles. He was recently approached by Jason Souza to build a showstopping '56 Ford F-100. This will be a "no-holds-barred" project, but they want the truck to have an elegant and refined character rather than going for shock value. Look for future articles that will include sectioning the cowl and the hood, moving the wheel well openings in the front fenders, and scratch building a new bed that matches the shape of the cab. Careful thought went into laying the foundation of the project. The Total Cost Involved (TC) chassis has been extensively modified by Dave Mclntyre, George's chassis guru. He moved the front cross member forward 41/2 inches, built new front and rear frame rails, and made a beefy X-member to further stiffen the frame.