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Here is a recap of all of our customers cars that we were fortunate to be a part of fulfilling their dreams. I want to thank the team @garysrodsandrestorations for all their hard work for allowing me to live my dream of owning one of the better hot rod shops in the area. Truly a dream come true.

This was our greatest day yet at the West Coast Nationals Goodguys show. We met a lot of new customers and all of our cars that were in competition won!!! Lucky enough to be selected for a top 5 America's Most Beautiful Street Rod, 2 Builders Choice Awards, and the truck won the Goodguys Hot Hauler award. Our 69 Z28 won Muscle Cars of the Year finalist. We did the body and paint on this one and the owner meticulously reassembled the car back to perfection. Good luck to Mark in the finals later this year on winning the title. Truly blessed with the crew that makes it possible and the customers that allow us to build their dreams.

34th West Coast Nationals Presented By BASF Awards

2021 America's Most Beautiful Finalist     
Sponsored by BASF    
Marty Bettis - Livermore, CA    
1959 Chevy Impala
2021 Muscle Car of the Year Finalist     
Sponsored by Billet Specialties    
Mark Perez - SanJose, CA    
1969 Camaro Z28
Builder's Choice Awards     
By Dominator Street Rods    
Richard Burgess - Alameda, CA    
1971 Datsun
Builder's Choice Awards     
By Dominator Street Rods    
Mike Dwight - Angels Camp, CA    
1932 Ford Roadster
Hot Hauler          
Ron Fort - Manteca, CA    
1953 Chevy Pickup

Photo credits by FuelCurve

A Clear-Cut Case of "How Do You Like Me Now?"

There are a lot of things a guy can forget about as the years go by. His first girlfriend, the street he grew up on, or what he did at his first job, but when it comes to what his first car was that isn’t one of those things. Hardcore car guys like John Prentice of Aptos, California don’t forget about what their first car was, and in particular they don’t forget what they didn’t like about the car.

For John Prentice and the 1968 Camaro he bought as a 16 year-old high school student it was the car’s “underperforming inline 6 with a 3-speed manual transmission.” John said his six-banger ’68 Camaro looked fast with wide Rally wheels and factory spoiler, but when he fired it up his high school buddies said it sounded more like a Datsun 210 than a muscle car. John kept his ’68 Camaro for three years after high school and then regretfully sold it.

Today we took our first step into the future, our first experience using 3D technology. 3D scanning our 56 F100 project which is slatted for a lot of body modifications which will all be conceived on the computer before we begin cutting this thing up.  Can't wait to start moving this sheet metal around in the computer so we can start cutting!

Stay tuned !

1953 Chevy project. This was the customers grandfather’s truck that was completely stock and untouched before this journey began. Now it rides on a @roadstershop chassis with a LT4 for power. This was a packaging nightmare but the guys in the shop got it all to work out. We spotted in some of the patina followed with a satin clear coat to help preserve the original paint.

"Mike Dwight came south from Gilroy, California (Dwight is a member of the Bay Area Roadsters), to participate in the GNRS and the AMBR competition with his 1932 Ford highboy roadster, but look closely. Technically, a "highboy" sits on top of the frame (and typically sans fenders or running boards). If the body passes over the sides of the framerails, then it's considered channeled. Dwight's Deuce (based on a Brookville Roadster body) is channeled 4 inches at the cowl to enhance the appearance of a more pronounced rake to the stance. The roadster is painted in a PPG base black by Gary's Rods & Restorations. The monotone presentation is continued with the black Bob Top by longtime friend Sid Chavers of the Sid Chavers Company and accented with the warm brown interior also by Chavers. The dashboard is tilted slightly forward (again, adding to the roadsters rakish appearance) and filled with the traditional six-pack of gauges from Classic Instruments. There are a handful of one-off parts, such as the steering wheel, on this car and they were crafted by Mel Green. More on the exterior which includes Indian Scout motorcycle headlights (modified and equipped with turn signals) while a pair of 1939 Lincoln Zephyr taillights are in service. Powering this highboy is a Ford Performance small-block crate engine pumped up to 347 inches and 385 hp backed up to a TREMEC 5-speed that feeds the power rearward to the Winters quick-change outfitted with Wilwood disc brakes at all four corners. This wicked looking roadster rides on a set of McLean wire wheels measuring 17s in back and 15s in front wrapped with Michelin rubber in front and Komo in back and all feature buffed sidewalls removing all of the identification markings."
- Hot Rod / Motortrend

POMONA 2020 AWARD: Best Paint - AMBR class