Frame Off Restorations

Frame off restorations is what we specialize in. From start to finish everything is done in-house, the only time your project leaves the shop is for upholstery.

Fast Turnaround

By keeping everything in-house we obtain a quicker turnaround time and a higher quality of repair. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, body and paint are all done by Gary's Rods and Restorations talented crew. We have highly trained technicians with many years of experience in each one of these categories.

Components Availability

Gary's Rods and Restorations have several local powder coating companies to choose from for frame and suspension components. All hardware is cleaned and zinc coated to look like new.

Building Customer's Trust

Some customers are hesitant to pull the frame from under the car but every customer that has decided to do so has been very thankful that they went the extra mile.

All fuel and brake lines are hand bent in stainless for a cleaner and longer-lasting job. All work is time and materials which is highly documented to be fair for both parties.

Getting Started

We accept a small deposit to start the job, after the initial deposit is worked off then you as a customer pay as we go so everyone is on the same page as the work progresses through the restoration process.

Our past customers have greatly appreciated this financial process, no half the money upfront and then your project sits with little or no progress done and your large deposit is spent!

Customer projects that feature Frame Off Restorations.