Drivetrain Upgrades

If your desire is to upgrade that old, tired drivetrain in your vintage or muscle car to modern day technology then Gary’s Rods and Restoration is the place for you.

Upgrade Options

From factory crate motors to fuel injection upgrades on your existing motor or maybe an overdrive transmission to get you up to freeway speeds, we can handle the job. We have performed several LS upgrades in older vehicles and can even build headers for those tight applications where parts are not available.

Power and Efficiency

Drivetrain upgrades make your car more enjoyable to drive on long trips with more power and better fuel economy. Get to your destination quicker with no need to worry about altitude changes.


There are many options to fit your specific needs and we pride ourselves on matching the engine and transmission package to your rear gear ratio, tire diameter, and vehicle weight for optimum performance.

Customer projects that feature Drivetrain Upgrades.